Wednesday, 26 September 2012


How this jewel missed my eyes I really do not know. I have been passing this place countless times and never did it ever occur to me that they serve good chap-chap style western food until I read about it from another blog.

Thomas Western is a chap-chap stall located in Restoran Ong Lay beside the OUG market and behind OUG Public Bank. A small, unassuming stall until you sit down and you realize, that every table has at least an order from this stall and because the stall is located at the side of the road, cars drive pass to make their orders and drive back again to collect.

 Thomas Western not only offers good and reasonably priced food but also an option for an al-fresco dining experience in the most naturalistic environment under the shades of trees that birds nest upon (so pray no one honks while passing by or you might find added ingredients in your food) and the intermittent smell from the wet market just beside it. 

We love this place so much that within a 2 weeks period, we’ve already dined here twice. Food here is priced as low as RM9 for a Chicken Chop to RM18 for a NZ Rib Eye Steak. For the price and the quality of the food, this place is really worth coming to.

The food served here comes with their standard brown sauce, unique potato salad and boiled vegetables.

The Pork Chop… Yummy…

The Lamb Chop… Yummy…

The Chicken Cordon Bleu… Yummy… But a bit small to feed my tummy…

The Potato Salad… Comes with pieces of fresh mushrooms and white sauce… Yummy… Note: Please make sure you eat the skin too cause if you don’t and Thomas sees it, he’ll come over and tell you… “The skin also can eat wan”. So if you don’t wanna eat the skin... make sure you hide it real well.

Thomas Western @ Restoran Ong Lay
Overseas Union Garden,
Medan Hujan Rahmat,
Taman Overseas Union,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS: N3.073457, E101.673081

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